West Highland White Terrier
14 Years
What Happened
Bladder Stones

Bertie is a beautiful West Highland White Terrier who presented to us in 
Market Vets in July with severe abdominal discomfort. It was quickly 
obvious to us that Bertie was uncomfortable because he was not able to 
pass any urine. An x-ray revealed that Bertie had bladder stones both in 
his bladder and also completely blocking his urethra which is the pipe 
which connects the bladder to the outside world.

It was explained to his owner that this is a very serious problem and if 
Bertie was not able to pass urine properly it would be very quickly 
fatal for him. Despite his age we decided that Bertie's only chance was 
an operation to try and remove the stones from his pipe work and 
bladder. The operation took four hours and three stones were removed 
from Bertie's urethra and many more from the bladder. The initial x-rays 
had shown that Bertie did have some stones high up in his urethra that 
were not able to be removed surgically but we just had to hope that 
those stones would not get stuck as the previous ones had.

Despite all the odds being stacked against Bertie he recovered 
excellently from his op and began to urinate normally. However, just as 
we started to think that Bertie was out of danger he relapsed and 
started showing the same signs as before. An x-ray showed that the 
remaining stones had lodged lower down in his urethra. Bertie was rushed 
back into theatre and three more stones were removed from his pipe work.

This time Bertie made a full recovery and one month later he is going 
from strength to strength. His owner reports that he has a new lease of 
life and is full of beans. This little dog endured two major operations 
at a ripe old age and has bounced back tremendously and it is wonderful 
to see him back to health and comfort again.