Our Promise

Market Vets provide clients with a high level of clinical care, delivered with top quality customer service. Maintaining a high standard requires ongoing investment in our staff, their training and the equipment they use. Our clients trust us to deliver high standards and to minimise risk and maximise benefits for their pets. They also expect financial fairness and good value. We therefore make no attempt to be a low cost practice. Our aim is to provide a great service at a fair price. We are always willing to discuss our fees and the options available when funds are limited. We will always provide estimates on request and work with you to keep costs under control. You are always welcome to visit ‘behind the scenes’ to judge our facilities.

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We have listed some of our prices to help you understand the cost of your pet's visit to us. If you would like any prices on any other treatments or surgical procedures please call the surgery.

We believe in charging the same rates to all our clients - whether you choose to bring your pets to Barnstaple or South Molton, the price will be the same!



Consultation (Dog and Cat): £33.00

Consultation Re-Examine (Dog and Cat): £25.00

Consultation - Rabbit/Rat/Reptile: £21.00

Consultation – Small Pet: £18.00

Please note these prices do not include any medication which may be prescribed during consultations.

Microchip: £16.99


Small Animal Visit Fees

Visit: Small Animal (Round Trip): £60.00

Visit out of hours: 6pm - 9pm: £153.00 (£120 + standard consult fee £33)

Visit out of hours: 9pm - 9am: £233.00 (£200 + standard consult fee £33)


Out Of Hours Consultations

OOH Consultation 6.30pm - 9pm: £83.00 (£50 + standard consult fee £33)

OOH Consultation 9pm - 9am: £118.00 (£85 + standard consult fee £33)

(Details of Our Opening Times)




All vaccination appointments include a full and thorough healthcheck.


Puppies and Dogs

Your puppy/dog will be vaccinated to protect them against Parvovirus, Distemper, Hepatitis and Leptospirosis. Puppies should be 8 weeks of age. 

Puppies will also be given one month's complimentary flea/worm treatment.

Initial course: £50.98 (Puppies will require 3 vaccinations separated by two weeks and Adult dogs will require 2 vaccinations separated by four weeks)

Yearly Booster: £38.32


Kittens and Cats

Your kitten/cat will be vaccinated to protect them against Cat Flu, Enteritis and Feline Leukaemia. Kittens are usually vaccinated from 8 weeks of age onwards.

Kittens will also be given one month's complimentary flea/worm treatment.

Initial course consists of 2 vaccinations separated by 3-4 weeks for both kittens and adult cats: £68.29

Yearly Booster: £43.12



Your rabbit will be vaccinated to protect them against Myxomatosis and Viral Hemorrhagic Disease

Full health check and Vaccination: £23.22






Bitch - Spay

The benefits of having your bitch spayed far outweigh any reasons for keeping her entire. The risk of developing mammary tumours later in life are increasingly reduced the earlier you have her spayed. The risk of her developing a life threatening condition known as a pyometra will be eliminated completely. Often pyometras can develop silently in older bitches and are only resolved by spaying. Undergoing the operation at a young age when fit and healthy and not compromised greatly reduces the risk of the general anaesthetic and surgical procedure. Bitches can be spayed from around 6 months and age is rarely a limiting factor. The operation can be done before or after the first season. If after, the ideal time is 3 months after the season has completely finished, (approximately 21 days after bleeding has commenced).  We recommend you discuss individual requirements with one of our Veterinary Surgeons and are pleased to offer complimentary pre-neuter consultations.

0kg - 4.9kg           £159.66

5kg - 9.9kg           £168.44

10kg - 24.9kg       £192.05

25kg – 39.9kg      £224.75

40kg – 49.9kg      £265.36

50kg – 59.9kg      £302.52


Male - Castration

The benefits of having your dog castrated far outweigh any reasons for keeping him entire. It greatly reduces sexually driven behaviour such as roaming in pursuit of a bitch in season (he can smell a bitch in season for a distance of 7 miles), aggressive behaviour, as he will not feel the need to be “in charge of his pack” and very importantly reduces the chance of any prostate problems. The risk of testicular cancers is also completely removed.

0kg - 4.9kg           £107.08

5kg - 9.9kg           £114.41

10kg – 24.9kg      £136.34

25kg – 39.9kg      £154.00

40kg – 49.9kg      £213.25

50kg – 59.9kg      £232.85

60kg – 69.9kg      £257.65



With the high numbers of cats in rehoming centres it is obviously essential to have your cat neutered as early as possible – if a female cat was not neutered, in 5 years she could be responsible for 20,000 descendants! Aside from numerous unwanted kittens, the feline world sadly has some very nasty and fatal infectious diseases which are primarily spread by mating and fighting. Male cats usually fight both over territory and the right to mate so being an entire male can have disastrous consequences. Unlike bitches, female cats cycle every 21 days during Spring, Summer and Autumn and display inviting behaviour almost constantly until mated. This unwanted behaviour is completely eliminated after neutering.

Cat Spay: £71.41

Cat Castrate: £47.03



Neutering female rabbits makes them easier to handle and far less likely to be aggressive or destructive. Female rabbits also live longer if they have been neutered as 80% of female rabbits that have not been spayed develop ovarian or uterine cancers by the age of 5 years.

Neutering calms male rabbits and of course means they are able to share a hutch and run with a female rabbit but beware, they will be able to father young for the first few weeks after they have been castrated!

If you are planning to have your rabbit in the house they will be less likely to start spraying urine to mark their territory if they have been neutered. Rabbits can be neutered from the age of 4-6 months.

Rabbit Spay: £78.97

Rabbit Castrate: £63.91


All prices are inclusive of VAT