"Grooming a dog which stands nicely is a pleasure”

Your puppy can be introduced to the grooming salon soon after their 2nd vaccination the sooner you familiarise them with being groomed the happier your dog and you will be.

What a groomer asks of your puppy:

  • To stand still on a table
  • To be brushed and combed
  • To be able to touch and hold paws
  • To be able to bath and use a hairdryer
  • To be able to use scissors and electric clippers (not all breeds)

You must remember that when you first introduce grooming at home, patience is key. The whole experience will seem alien to your puppy and it is completely normal for them to not cooperate  initially. Start by choosing an appropriate location and a table to place them on with a towel or rubber mat on top to allow grip.

Your pet will soon remember this place and understand it as ‘grooming time’ and not play time.

Show your puppy the brush and let him sniff it, then gently brush the coat a few times, use lots of praise and a treat, do the same with the comb.

Begin with frequent short sessions using lots of praise and a treat.

Touch your puppy’s feet and between the toes daily, this will make nail clipping easier.

Play with your puppy’s ears by touching them on the inside and out, also touching and holding puppy around the face, again lots of praise. This is important as many breeds require the hair to be plucked from their ears and hair to be cut or clipped from their face.

When buying a shampoo a hypo-allergenic or puppy shampoo diluted would be suitable.

With all these points taken into consideration grooming your  puppy/dog will be a happy enjoyable experience for you both.

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