Caring For Your New Puppy

At Market Veterinary Centre we are committed to providing a high level of care throughout each stage of your puppy’s life.


Puppy Club - Pet Wellness Schemepaws

Give your new puppy the best start in life by joining our pet wellness scheme.

For just £11 per month puppies up to the age of 6 months can join our Pet Wellness Scheme for 12 months.

All essential vaccinations and flea and worm treatments are included plus much, much more.....  

Download more information on our pet wellness scheme 

Our Vets have created these comprehensive wellness plans with you and your puppy in mind. We have taken the utmost care to include all the preventative care services we believe are essential for maintaining your puppy's health and happiness while keeping your budget in mind.

We know that early detection is the key to preventing and managing many diseases and reducing costly medical bills. By providing your puppy with essential vaccinations, six month health checks, regular parasite screening and treatment, and all the other benefits of our wellness scheme, we have the best chance of preventing, detecting, and managing illness now and in the future.

Vaccinating Your Puppy

Vaccinations are essential to avoid your puppy contracting one of several potentially fatal infectious diseases.

There are four diseases covered by the routine vaccinations;  parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis, and  leptospirosis.

Once your puppy has completed its initial course of vaccinations, annual boosters will be required to maintain its cover throughout its life. If your dog is going into kennels they will require a vaccine against kennel cough too.

Kennel cough is easily spread or caught when numerous dogs are housed in close proximity. It will be necessary to give the Kennel Cough vaccine at least 2 weeks before your dog goes into kennels and it can be given at any time.

Feeding Your Puppy

Selecting a food for your puppy can be difficult especially as there are so many different types to choose from. It is important to select a complete diet for your puppy and ensure the volume you feed is in accordance with the feeding guidelines. Dry diets are often preferable as are cheaper, easier to weigh out and store.

At Market Veterinary Centre we recommend Hills Veterinary diets. These diets have been formulated to a high quality and are designed to provide essential nutrition to your puppy throughout its lifetime.

Any changes to your puppy’s diet should be done gradually to avoid stomach upset and in general transitions should be made over a 7 day period.


Worming Your Puppy

Your puppy can get many types of worms but the most important to treat at this age is the roundworm. Puppies can be born with roundworm, can get them from the environment and can also become infected via there mother’s milk. The most significant roundworm is Toxocara Canis which on rare occasions can be passed to humans and cause blindness.

At Market Veterinary Centre we tailor worming regimes to each individual puppy dependant on its lifestyle. There are many worming products available and some can also be used to treat against fleas too.


Flea and Tick Treatment For Your Puppy

As most houses are centrally heated, fleas are no longer just a summer time problem and we see just as many flea related conditions in the winter.

Fleas only live on the dog to feed and breed, the rest of their life cycle takes place in the environment meaning that 90% of flea problems are within the home! Just one female flea brought home by your pet can lay up to 50 eggs a day and 1500 in its lifetime.

The eggs are laid by the adult flea onto your pet but the eggs drop off into the environment which could be your carpet, sofa or your bed.  They often spread rapidly throughout the home, in the carpets, sofas, beds and even the cracks of the floor and skirting boards. These areas provide the perfect breeding ground where the larvae can develop into new adults fleas in only a few weeks, hatching can be triggered by warmth, humidity and vibrations, it can take from a week to a year for them to hatch.  It is therefore strongly advisable to use a regular preventative measure to stop this happening in your home.

If you are worried your puppy has fleas it is essential that you treat them and the environment quickly to avoid continuous burdens.

Tick's are also prevalent in North Devon and so control may also be essential depending on your puppy's lifestyle to avoid unpleasant tick born diseases such as Lymes disease being contracted, please contact us to discuss your individual requirement.