All rabbits are born with the instinct to run when handled (after all, they are prey in the wild), however with correct and gentle handling and lot of patience, you can win your rabbit’s trust and turn him or her into a pleasure to own.


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Give your new rabbit the best start in life by joining our pet wellness scheme.

For just £8 per month Rabbits can join our Pet Wellness Scheme for 12 months.

All essential vaccinations and flea and worm treatments are included plus much, much more.....  Our Pet Wellness Scheme Includes: 

Our Vets have created these comprehensive wellness plans with you and your puppy in mind. We have taken the utmost care to include all the preventative care services we believe are essential for maintaining your puppy's health and happiness while keeping your budget in mind.

We know that early detection is the key to preventing and managing many diseases and reducing costly medical bills. By providing your rabbit with essential vaccinations, six month health checks, regular parasite screening and treatment, and all the other benefits of our wellness scheme, we have the best chance of preventing, detecting, and managing illness now and in the future.


Rabbits can be vaccinated against two diseases Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease. There is a combined vaccine which can be given from 5 weeks of age and requires a yearly booster.


Rabbits can develop many behavioural problems such as aggression, and other problems such as tumours; having your rabbit neutered can prevent or greatly reduce the risk of these problems. Neutering can be done from around 4 months of age.

Fly strike

Fly strike is a potentially life threatening condition where flies lay eggs on the soiled areas of your rabbit and the maggots hatch out and burrow into the skin. It is essential that you check your rabbits rear end at least once daily throughout the summer months and keep their living conditions clean. Call us immediately if you find fly eggs or maggots on your rabbit.


To keep your rabbit’s teeth and digestive system working properly, feed a diet of 75% hay, 20% fresh greens and only 5% dry food!!!! This also works out much cheaper for you, as well as keeping your rabbit in tip-top condition! Ignore any advice to not feed greens until 6 months etc, these generally tend to be old wives’ tales.

Small & Furry Animals

If you keep a small mammal (guinea pig, chinchilla, ferret, rat, gerbil, hamster, etc) we have one of the best veterinary services available for you.

Providing veterinary services to Exmoor Zoo means we have veterinary surgeons with plenty of experience and a special interest in these animals.

Veterinary services available for small mammals:

  • FREE health check for new pets and advice for new owners;
  • Routine health checks and review of husbandry
  • Dental care, both preventative and treatment of tooth problems;
  • Further investigations for sick animals: laboratory work, x-ray, ultrasound; endoscopy;
  • A separate dedicated ward for exotic species with specialist hospitalisation equipment

For more information or to book an appointment please contact us.