Market Vets are very proud of our excellent nursing team.

Our Registered Veterinary Nurses (RVN) are strictly controlled by the Veterinary Surgeons act. Schedule 3 of this Act allows them to carry out certain procedures under direct supervision of a vet, such as setting up intravenous access, taking blood samples and certain minor surgical procedures. What they are not allowed to do is diagnose conditions and treat the disease or prescribe prescription medications.

Market Vets is registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons as a Nurse Training Practice. We are responsible for training veterinary nurses on the two-year course leading to the RVN qualification. Once qualified, our nurses continue to attend courses and receive further specialised training to keep up with the latest developments in pet care.

Nursing Duties

Each day is different for our nursing team and they will have a set task assigned for them that day, these include consulting, inpatients, theatre and preparation.

Consulting Nurse

Our nurses run an array of nursing clinics, many of which are FREE of charge to our clients. We are happy to advise clients on their pet’s weight management during weight clinics, dental and oral care during dental clinics and help with healthy development of puppies during our growth clinic which can be carried out up to 6 months of age. Our RVN’s are also happy to clip nails and insert microchips for your pet.

In-Patient Nurse

This nurse has the responsibility of caring for any patients that are hospitalised at the surgery, keeping both the vet and owner updated on the condition of the pet. She will administer any prescription drugs and make sure the patient is kept comfortable and fed during it’s stay. She is also responsible for the care of any surgical patients once they return to the ward. This role can sometimes be a team role depending on how many patients the ward has in.

Theatre Nurse

The surgical role of our nurses are particularly important in the operating theatre. Within veterinary practice it is normal for anaesthetics to be carried out by a nurse, under the direction of the vet operating as they retain overall responsibility for the care of the patient. Our nurses need a good knowledge of anaesthetic procedures and the monitoring of the patient whilst under anaesthetic and how to respond in an emergency.

Prep Nurse

Our prep nurse is involved with many of the above including laboratory work. Our nurses are often blood sampling patients and then either processing them in-house or sending them off to an external laboratory. Our RVN’s are highly skilled at putting intravenous catheters into place and setting up drips to provide fluid therapy. Our prep nurse will also help prepare a patient prior to being moved into theatre.

If you would like any advice from our nursing team, please feel free to either phone or drop into the practice.