Our Registered Nurse Clinics include:

Our team of experienced and qualified nurses can help with:

Weight Clinics

  • Weight/diet evaluation
  • Diet plan with either your own diet or a prescription diet
  • Exercise plan
  • Regular appointments
  • Tips for easier weight loss
  • Continued support once ideal weight has been reached¬†

Dental Clinics

  • Regular checks for signs of tooth problems or gum disease
  • Advice on products that can be used to prevent tartar formation
  • Tooth brushing demonstration
  • Advice on diets for optimum dental health
  • Regular check ups after dental treatment to prevent further problems¬†

Adolescent Health Checks

  • General health check over
  • Check to ensure adults teeth are erupting normally
  • Dietary advice
  • Behaviour tips
  • Nail clipping lessons
  • Microchips
  • Neutering advice
  • Exercise advice

Mobility Clinics

  • Weight Evaluation
  • Advice on supplements for joint health
  • Advice on diet for joint health
  • Advice on complementary medicine for pain relief

Rabbit Clinics

  • Essential dietary advice
  • Advice on keeping skin and coat clean to ensure they are at low risk of fly strike
  • Advice on preventative products to avoid flystrike
  • Healthy teeth checks