Submitted by Louise on Wed, 07/09/2016 - 19:52

Recent research reports that one third of dogs in the UK are found to be carrying ticks but did you know ticks also live on other animals too? This includes wildlife. Meet Harry the hedgehog. Harry was bought into Market Vets by a member of the public who found him nearby. He was weak, lifeless and appeared to be quite dehydrated. The vet examined Harry and found a potential cause to his symptoms…..he was infested with ticks! The Vet and the nursing team set to work and removed a considerable amount of ticks. Ticks can carry a range of diseases including Lyme disease, this can cause serious health problems including heart failure, meningitis and, in severe cases, even death.
With on going TLC we hope Harry makes a full recovery so he can be released back into the wild.

The Competition!!
We are asking you to guess the number of ticks that were removed from Harry? The prize for guessing correctly will be a tick remover for your pet. The winner will be announced on September the 30th. Good luck from all at Market Vets.