Submitted by Louise on Sun, 17/07/2016 - 18:39
Gracie Filmer

Gracie, is a 9 year old yellow Labrador who lives with the Filmer family in South Molton.  

Gracie is a cracking picking up dog and has been experiencing arthritis in both her shoulders for the last two/three years.  

During the trial periods of the laser machines Gracie was selected to take part in the trials.  

This made a significant difference to her mobility and to the discomfort she was experiencing.  

Gracie really enjoyed the treatments and was very laid back, often falling asleep.

Gracie is undergoing another cluster of treatments and is half way through, this has already made a significant difference to her.  
We feel the cost is well worth it due to the big difference it makes to her mobility and happiness.
We are planning to keep the treatments topped up after the cluster sessions and reduce Gracie’s medication. Well done Market Vets: a wise choice and very good investment for the future. Mrs Filmer