Here at Market Veterinary Centre we are proud to be part of the local community. We sponsor local schools, sports teams and support local animal charities, we also enjoy fundraising at a variety of local events.



Flystrike The recent spell of warm humid weather has led to a mass hatch of blowflies. Prevention of blowfly strike is an integral part of the management of sheep during the summer months. Whilst chemical prophylaxis is important, management steps can also be taken to reduce the risk of flystrike. Effective grazing and parasite management to prevent faecal staining of the perineum of both ewes… [read more]


Rabbit Awareness Week 17th-25th June 2017

Rabbit Awareness Week 17th-25th June 2017 Book your FREE rabbit health check throughout the month of June The PDSA Animal Wellbeing 2016 report highlighted that only 30% of owners provide their rabbits with constant access to hay for eating. We want to ensure that alongside their bedding hay, which should be used for sleeping and comfort only, rabbits should be provided with good quality… [read more]

Rabbit vaccinations

Rabbit Vaccinations– Myxyomatosis/VHD

You may be aware there has been a supply shortage of individual combined Myxo/VHD vaccinations for rabbits. We have found a source of multi-dose vial vaccinations that we can use instead. But this means that we need to arrange for several rabbits to be vaccinated around the same time as we have to use the vials within a couple of hours of giving the first dose. We are, therefore, arranging… [read more]

farm meeting

Reducing Antibiotic Usage on Farm Meeting

Reducing Antibiotic Usage on Farm Meeting 7th June 2017, The Bell Inn, Chittlehampton -7:30pm I am sure you are all aware, antibiotic usage on farm is under increasing scrutiny and there is increasing pressure to reduce usage in all areas of both human and animal medicine. We firmly believe there is a place for responsible use of antibiotics on farm but in order to retain this we need to be… [read more]

Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) Heart Disease.

Free Heart Screening for dog breeds at risk of Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) heart disease. Certain large and giant breed dogs over the age of 3 are at an increased risk of developing DCM. There are two phases to DCM; firstly a long “silent” phase, in which the heart has the disease and is slowly deteriorating but there are no outward signs of a problem yet. Dogs in this first phase appear… [read more]

devon vets

Easter Fun - It's Competition Time!

Easter Fun It’s Competition Time! Colouring In Easter Eggs!! To enter simply collect from one of our surgeries, and return by Thursday 13 April 2017     [read more]

charity challenge

Wishing Ruth & Michelle Good Luck With Their Training!

In July two members of our team are taking on a mammoth challenge, nurse Ruth Lovell and practice manager Michelle Phillips are cycling over 200 miles from St Austell to Bristol to raise money for this amazing charity - Children's Hospice, South West. During the challenge Ruth and Michelle will visit all three of the children's hospices; Little Bridge House in North Devon, Charlton Farm in North… [read more]


Don’t forget to vaccinate me!

Rabbits Don’t forget to vaccinate me! Rabbits are at high risk of fatal infectious diseases, particularly Myxomatosis and RVHD, both of which are found throughout the UK. Indoor and outdoor rabbits are at risk because the diseases are highly infectious and easily spread. RVHD is an air-borne virus and can be spread by biting insects (as can Myxomatosis), it can be spread from other infected… [read more]

Charity Dog Wash

Charity Dog Wash

Sunday 26 February 2017 10am - 3pm Small Dog £5 Large Dog £7.50 Tea & Coffee Raffle Prizes to be won To be held at Market Vets Grooming Parlour - Market Vets Barnstaple Market Veterinary Centre Unit A Riverview Commercial Centre Riverside Road Pottington Barnstaple Devon EX31 1QN   All proceeds raised will be donated to North Devon Hospice (North Devon Hospice, Deer Park, … [read more]

You Are Invited To Our Sheep Meeting

Thursday 23rd February 2017 7 PM , at The Surgery, South Molton.   Topics to be covered include: · Introduction to our NEW flock club scheme · The  Importance of good year round nutrition for ewe productivity · How to get the best out of your female replacements for long term productivity · Feeding during lactation · Information that can be gained from looking at your scanning data To… [read more]