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What Happened
A Cheetah had been involved in a bit of rough & tumble with fellow Cheetahs

Apart from our usual small animal and farm work we are also privileged to be able to treat the animals living at Exmoor Zoo.
Whilst it is wonderful to be able to work in close proximity with these beautiful and rare animals, the tasks that we are asked to perform to often present their own unique challenges.
We were called to the zoo at the end of June to administer first aid to a Cheetah that had been involved in a bit of and tumble with her fellow Cheetahs. Unfortunately this had ended with an injury to her right forelimb which was bleeding profusely.
It was clear that we had to anaesthetise her to allow the wound to be properly cleaned and sutured however, when dealing with a large cat with an impressive set of teeth and claws, anaesthetising her is not as simple as it sounds.
A dart gun had to be used to deliver the appropriate anaesthetic drugs and only when she was fully and deeply asleep was it safe for us to enter her enclosure and stop the large amount of blood flow issuing from her leg. The wound was cleaned and a ligature placed on the bleeding blood vessel and the skin was sutured closed over the wound. Antibiotics and anti inflammatories were given for pain relief before she was woken up.
One week later the wound was completely healed and the Cheetah was back out with her comrades. It is certainly true that the life of a veterinary surgeon is never dull!

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